Precautions For Using Thermal Protector

1. When the lead wire is used for bending, it should be bent from the part more than 6 mm away from the root; when bending, the root and lead wire should not be damaged, and the lead wire should not be forcibly pulled, pressed or twisted. 2. When the thermal fuse is fixed by […]

The Function Of The Temperature Switch Of The Tubular Electric Heater

The tubular electric heating is added with a temperature switch to realize automatic temperature control, which is safer and more reliable. Put an alloy resistance wire in the metal tube as a heating element, and then connect the heating element in series with a temperature switch to effectively realize the tubular electric heating overheat protection […]

The Function Of Electric Drill Temperature Control Switch And Wiring Method

Electric drill is a necessary tool for decoration, but one of the pain points is long-term use. The electric drill will heat up. When the temperature is too high, the internal coil or components of the electric drill will be burnt, making the electric drill unusable. The temperature control switch can solve the problem of […]

Can The Climbing Pet Heating Pad Use A Temperature Control Switch To Protect It?

Lovers who like to keep climbing pets often worry about a problem. Poor control of the environmental temperature of climbing pets will lead to the growth of climbing pets. Many friends will put heating pads, so you should pay more attention to choosing heating pads. Heating pad for temperature control switch. I have seen too […]

Thermal Protector For Home Appliance Safety Guards

Thermal protectors are widely used, not only in automobiles, batteries, motors, etc., but also in smart home appliances that have developed rapidly in recent years. The main function is to control excessive current and excessive temperature to protect it. Protect the more important components in the device. However, the characteristics of each protected object have […]

What Kind Of Environmental Experiment Should The Temperature Switch Do?

Temperature switches must undergo a series of functional tests before production, such as environmental tests. What are the contents of environmental tests? Resistance to low temperature, high temperature, thermal shock and moisture resistance must be done.   1. Resistance to low temperature, high temperature, cold and heat shock: Place the thermostat sample in a thermostat […]

Brief Introduction Of Bimetal Temperature Switch

Existing mechanical temperature switches, most of the internal core components are made of bimetallic materials. The bimetal has been widely used in temperature switches. The bimetal is composed of two metals with different temperature expansion coefficients. At this time, an uneven distribution of internal stress will occur between the two layers of metal. This force […]

Does The Temperature Switch Have A Life Limit?

The temperature switch is used to protect the equipment from damage caused by sudden failure during operation, such as excessive current or excessive temperature. The working principle is that the temperature or current is transmitted through the temperature switch, and the temperature control switch issues an open or close command, so that the equipment runs […]

Work Of TB02 Series Temperature Switch Before Delivery

The TB02 series temperature switch is more flexible to install, sensitive to temperature, but the price is not very expensive, and the price is very high. This type of temperature switch is generally used in lithium battery protection boards, PC circuit boards, electric blankets, and heating pads to control temperature and prevent The temperature is […]