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WUYUE Thermostat Thermal Protector 6AM

* Ultra thin design, Micro size;
* Quick action, constant temperature type;
* More than 100,000 times life cycle.

Product Details:


Special Features

* Ultra thin design, Micro size;

* Quick action, constant temperature type;

* More than 100,000 times life cycle.

Electrical Specifications

127V AC / 250V AC : 8A

12V DC / 24V DC :10A

Temperature Range And Tolerance

Operating Temperature 50℃~180℃
Operating Temperature Tolerance ±3℃,±5℃


Graphene Heating Pad

Curtain Motor




Dimensional Drawing



1. Are there special cautions should be noted when testing thermal switch?

Please pay attention to the following issues when testing thermal switch samples:

1).The internal temperature of testing equipment should be even and consistent. The temperature difference between any two points should be less than 1℃;

2).The temperature rising speed should be under control. The speed can be fast before the temperature reaches the 10℃ lower than bottom limit of rated temperature tolerance value. After that, the speed has to be at or lower than 1℃ per 2 minutes. And the ambient temperature rises to the rated range slowly.

3).When installing thermal switches to the testing equipment, the body of thermal switch should contact the testing facility tightly and effectively. The circuit connection should be workable. If there is a temperature sensing head or thermocouple inside of the equipment, it should be mounted on the effective position.

4).The test equipment should be calibrated on time and work properly.

2. How should I select the correct action temperature of thermostat?

The action temperature selection of a thermostat should be based on the application:

Measure the temperature of the position where the thermostat would be mounted;

Setting the temperature range of application;

Select the temperature of a thermostat. The current flowing through thermostat need to be considered when selecting this temperature. If this thermostat is used for heat protection, the action value should be above the normal working temperature, but lower than the temperature limit of other components to be damaged.

3. What parameters should I provide when I am trying to ask for thermal protector samples?

If you need to have temperature sensitive thermal protector samples, please prepare the following parameters:

1). Rated voltage, current

2). Action temperature of thermal protector

3). Leadwire length, type and temperature rating.

4). Application of thermal protector.

5). Mounting requirements if needed, including dimensional requirements.

If you want to have current sensitive thermal protector samples, you may prepare three more parameters besides the above:

1). Trip off current

2). Trio off time

3). Normally working temperature of thermal protector. It can not trip off under this temperature.




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