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Window Glass Lifter Protector

6APE protectors are for DC motors, they are both temperature and current sensitive. They can protect motor from overheating or loading, and they can cut the circuit off under 20A.

Product Details:

6APE car seat motor protector

After testing over years, our thermal protector 6APE series were finally approved by one of the automotive manufacturers. The whole test period lasted 26 months and passed a complete set of testing. Not only test on motor or thermal protector, but also mock-up tests on window lifts and wiper.




Special Features

*  Small size, Long life and high reliability;

*  High level bimetal ensures that it can withstand the current of normal circuit;

*  The combination of bimetal and heater can action snappily;

*  Accurate trip off time can prevent motor from overheating;

*  Both temperature and current sensitive;

*  Each part ROHS environmental standards are strictly enforced;

*  Terminals are optional and customized;

*  Wires are optional and customized;

*  Sealed sleeving can make the protector varnishing proof.

Electrical Specifications

45A / 12V DC

25A / 24V DC

Technical Parameters


Operating Temperature Range 50℃~180℃
Workable Tripping Off Current Range 2~45A
Temperature Tolerance ±5℃,±7℃
R/T 25℃current Testing Standards 4~10S (Or Customized)



Window Motor

Wiper Motor

Car Seat Motor

Skylight Motor

Soybean Milk Machine

Juice Machine

Food Processer

Noodle Machine

Washing Machine

Dust Collector

Garden Equipment



Dimensional Drawings




Product Marking

Printing basic model number, temperature code, company ID and product types outside of protector housing by laser.

Packing, Store and Shipment

Internal products are sealed by plastic bags and finally packed by corrugated cartons when releasing;

The storage environment should be under humidity 40~80% and temperature -5~40℃. The properties have no change in 12 months;

Be gentle and avoiding damage or moisture invasion during shipment.


The temperature increasing speed should be 1℃/2 minutes when conducting temperature calibration;

Vacuum varnish immersion is not recommended ,this warranty does not cover;

Products with high contact resistance are usually removed by following methods to remove the oxide film on the surface of the electrical contact.


Q: What parameters should we provide for the price and samples request of thermal protector 6APE?

A: Since 6APE series are current sensitive thermal protector, also called mini circuit breaker, the following information would be necessary.

Parameters Value(For Example)
Voltage *** V(24BDC or 230VAC)
Working Current ** A (10A or 8A)
Tripping Off Current ** A (30A or 25A)
Tripping Off Time ** S (4~10 Seconds)
Application Wiper motor (Or juice motor etc.)
Action Type Normally closed (Or Normally open)
Temperature Rating ** ℃(120℃)
Insulation Sleeving Yes (Or No)
Lead Wire N.A (Or specified wire type and length, like UL 3321, 18AWG, 65mm long)


Window Glass Lifter Protector