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Thermal Battery Protector

TS05 series battery protector has a very small size accurate temperature and long endurance. The main applications are batteries and battery assembly. The seamless drawn case can contact with batteries firmly and sense temperature precisely.

Product Details:

TS05 thermal battery protector




Special Features

*  Insulation case, small size and easy for fixing;

*  Action accurately and no flash over;

*  Has the characteristics of the current temperature double protection;

*  Double protection of current and temperatures;

*  Temperature is preset before releasing, control for a single temperature range;

*  Terminals can be nickel strip or lead wire.

Electrical Specifications


8A / 12V DC 5A / 24V DC

6A / 120V AC 3A / 250V AC


10A / 12V DC 6A / 24V DC

8A / 120V AC 5A / 250V AC

Temperature Range and Tolerance


Customers can nominate Any temperature from 30~150℃ between
Temperature tolerance ±3℃,±5℃




Dimensional Drawing




Product Details:

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