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Temperature Sensitive Thermal Protector

KW thermal protector housing is an environmentally friendly thermally conductive PBT plastic. The product is small size, sensitive in action, reliable in performance, high in electric strength and easy to install. It is widely used thermal protection component.

Product Details:

A temperature-sensitive thermal protector, also known as a thermal cutoff or thermal fuse, is a safety device designed to protect electrical equipment from overheating. It operates based on temperature changes and interrupts the power supply when the temperature exceeds a specific threshold.

Here are some key features and characteristics of temperature-sensitive thermal protectors:

  1. Temperature Sensing: The thermal protector has a built-in temperature sensor that detects the heat generated by the equipment or component it is installed on. When the temperature rises beyond a predetermined limit, the thermal protector activates.
  2. Non-Resettable: Unlike some thermal protectors that can be manually or automatically reset, temperature-sensitive thermal protectors are generally non-resettable. Once the device trips due to excessive temperature, it permanently interrupts the power supply and cannot be reset. A new thermal protector needs to be installed to restore normal operation.
  3. Reliable Protection: Temperature-sensitive thermal protectors provide reliable protection by effectively disconnecting the power supply when the temperature exceeds the specified threshold. This helps prevent damage to the equipment, fire hazards, and other safety risks.
  4. Fast Response Time: Thermal protectors are designed to respond quickly to changes in temperature. When the threshold is reached, they activate within a short time frame to disconnect the power and protect the equipment.
  5. Temperature Ratings: Temperature-sensitive thermal protectors have specific temperature ratings, indicating the threshold at which they will activate. These ratings are typically specified by the manufacturer and should be chosen based on the specific application and temperature requirements.
  6. Application-specific Designs: Temperature-sensitive thermal protectors are available in various designs and configurations to suit different applications and equipment. They can be integrated into the equipment’s circuitry or connected in series with the power supply to provide protection.

It’s important to select a temperature-sensitive thermal protector that meets the temperature rating, current rating, and other specifications required for the equipment or component being protected. Proper installation and placement of the thermal protector are essential for effective operation. It’s recommended to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and, if necessary, seek advice from technical experts to ensure correct selection and installation for optimal protection.

KW temperature sensitive thermal protector




Special Features

*  Has induced current and temperature sensing movement of dual performance;

*  Hard shell support protects internal components from dips and external mechanical forces;

*  Precise operating temperature, operation of the creep phenomenon does not occur;

*  Each parts are strict implementation of the European ROHS environmental standards.

Electric Specifications

8A / 24V DC

6A / 250V AC

8A / 125V AC

Temperature Range and Tolerance


Action Temperature 55℃~160℃
Operating Temperature Tolerance ±3℃,±5℃


Design Principles

When ambient temperature increase to the prescribed value, the bimetal inside would sense the heat and trip the circuit off. When temperature is decreased down, it would reset again. KW thermal protector has sealed case, which would protect the parts inside form damaging or pulling.


Various motors


Fluorescent Ballasts and lightings

Electric pad, Electric Blanket


Electrical tools



Home appliances

Dimensional Drawings

Plastic Shell



Metal Shell




Temperature Sensitive Thermal Protector