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Skylight Motor Thermal Protector

6APE+PTC is a self hold protector that was development upon our customers’ demands. It’s for DC motor and can provide higher level safety protection.

Product Details:

6APE+PTC skylight motor thermal protector




Special Features

*  Self holding and time-delay protection;

*  Providing higher safety protection;

*  Applicable to protect abnormal operation of motor;

*  Casing seal to prevent substances such as insulation of motor.

Electrical Specifications

45A / 12V DC

20A / 24V DC

R/T 25 ℃ Current Testing Standards: 4~10S (Or Customized)

Temperature Range and Tolerance


Operating Temperature 50~180℃
Operating Temperature Tolerance ±5℃, ±7℃


Working Principle

6APE Thermal protector is connected to PTC in parallel, then connecting to application in series. PTC doesn’t general high temperature when the application running normally.

When the application works abnormally, which causes the ambient temperature to exceed the prescribed value, the protector will open. Then, the current flows through PTC. Since PTC has a very high resistance, the current assigned to the application will be too low to start it. Meanwhile, the heat generated by PTC will remain the protector open until the power is unplugged.

After the power is unplugged, the ambient temperature will decrease and then, the protector will closed again.


*  Car Window Motor

*  Wiper Motor

*  Car Seat Motor

*  Skylight Motor

*  Soybean Milk Machine

*  Juice Machine

*  Food Processer

*  Noodle Machine

Dimensional Drawing


Skylight Motor Thermal Protector


Skylight Motor Thermal Protector