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S01 Transformer Thermal Protector

S01 Button type is snap action and bimetallic thermostat, Bimetal trips off or on quickly to open or close the circuit when temperature reaches the prescribed value.

Product Details:



Special Features

* Small size and easy for mounting;

* Low current sensitivity, no large temperature difference due to over current;

* Precise temperature control.

Electrical Specifications

250V AC : 3A

125V AC : 6A

24V DC: 6A

Contact Resistance: <30mΩ

Dielectric Strength: 2KV


Temperature Range And Tolerance


Operating Temperature 60~220℃, A specification for each 5℃
Operating Temperature Tolerance ±5℃
Reset Temperature Less than 1/3 of operating temperature
Reset Temperature Tolerance ±15℃





Curtain Motor

Washing Machine Motor




TUV:R 50383352 0001


Dimensional Drawings



Series Application





1. What’s the difference between Normally Closed thermal switch and normally open thermal switch?

Normally closed thermal switch means that the contacts of thermal switch normally remain closed. When temperature increases to the set value, the contacts would open and cut the circuit OFF.

Normally open thermal switch means that the contacts of thermal switch normally remain open. When temperature rises, the contacts would close and connect the circuit ON.

We now have several models that both Normally Open and Normally Close type are optional, like 17AME, TS01, KW, KSD301, 3MPE, and so on.

2. Are there special cautions should be noted when testing thermal switch?

Please pay attention to the following issues when testing thermal switch samples:

1.The internal temperature of testing equipment should be even and consistent. The temperature difference between any two points should be less than 1℃;

2.The temperature rising speed should be under control. The speed can be fast before the temperature reaches the 10℃ lower than bottom limit of rated temperature tolerance value. After that, the speed has to be at or lower than 1℃ per 2 minutes. And the ambient temperature rises to the rated range slowly.

3.When installing thermal switches to the testing equipment, the body of thermal switch should contact the testing facility tightly and effectively. The circuit connection should be workable. If there is a temperature sensing head or thermocouple inside of the equipment, it should be mounted on the effective position.

4.The test equipment should be calibrated on time and work properly.

3. Why is there a big difference between the rated temp of thermal protector and the test temp in application?

That’s reasonable. The rated temperature of thermal protector means that it is tested under no load in temperature testing equipment. The temperature in application is measured under load. The current will flow through bimetal of thermal protect and generate heat, which would cause the thermal protector actions earlier. Therefore, the temperature in application should be lower than the rated temperature of thermal protector.




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