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S01 Thermal Protector For Lighting

S01 Button type is snap action and bimetallic thermostat, Bimetal trips off or on quickly to open or close the circuit when temperature reaches the prescribed value.

Product Details:



Special Features

* Small size and easy for mounting;

* Low current sensitivity, no large temperature difference due to over current;

* Precise temperature control.

Electrical Specifications

250V AC : 3A

125V AC : 6A

24V DC: 6A

Contact Resistance: <30mΩ

Dielectric Strength: 2KV

Temperature Range And Tolerance


Operating Temperature 60~220℃, A specification for each 5℃
Operating Temperature Tolerance ±5℃
Reset Temperature Less than 1/3 of operating temperature
Reset Temperature Tolerance ±15℃





Curtain Motor

Washing Machine Motor




TUV:R 50383352 0001


Dimensional Drawing





Series Application





1. What’s the price difference between delivery term Ex works and FOB?

The cost difference between delivery term Ex Works and FOB for our thermal switch is around USD 270 per shipment. Therefore, if we quote the price under Ex works, and you want us to offer FOB price, we will add USD 180 to each shipment.

2. Why does not thermostat action when temperature reaches the rated value?

There several possible reasons which might cause the thermostat not action:

The temperature rise speed is too fast. For example, the temperature rises to the prescribed value in very short time. Then, the bimetal inside of thermostat has no enough time to reaction. The temperature of bimetal is still much lower than the rated value or outside temperature. So, the thermostat would not action. The first trip off temperature would much higher than the rated value. It is so called overshot. This problem can be solved by controlling the temperature rising speed, or making thermostat action 3 cycles. Then, the thermostat would action properly.

There might be misunderstanding for rated temperature. It means a tolerance range,  normally 10℃, instead of the specific value. For example: a thermostat is rated at 100℃, the common action temperature range is 95~105℃. It is not just 100℃ only. So,  the action temperature for some units can be 104 or 105℃. These units are qualified products.

The thermostat is malfunctioned. The temperature might be out of tolerance, or the two contacts of thermostat were burned and connected together forever. It would be a serious defection and might cause fire or other safety problems.

3. What are the special notes for mounting thermal cutout?

A. The temperature sensing surface of thermal cutout has to contact the heat source directly and tightly;

B. The contact surface must be flat and with good temperature conductivity. The fixing belt or fastener has to be reliable and no sharp edges, to avoid damaging the insulation of thermal cut out.

C. If surface of thermal cutout is electricity conductive, the insulation sleeving should contact the thermal cutout body as tightly as possible, to reach the best heat sensitivity.




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