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S01 85℃ Normal Close Thermal Protector

S01 Button type is snap action and bimetallic thermostat, Bimetal trips off or on quickly to open or close the circuit when temperature reaches the prescribed value.

Product Details:


Introducing our Normal Close Thermal Protector, a reliable and essential component designed to provide robust temperature protection for your electrical devices and equipment. With its advanced features and high-quality construction, our Normal Close Thermal Protector ensures optimal safety and peace of mind.

Featuring a normally closed configuration, this thermal protector allows uninterrupted electrical current flow under normal operating conditions, ensuring your devices function as intended. However, when temperatures exceed a predetermined threshold, the thermal protector quickly responds to the heat and opens the circuit, effectively interrupting the current flow and safeguarding against overheating risks.

Engineered for exceptional performance, our Normal Close Thermal Protector utilizes a temperature-sensitive material, such as a bimetallic disc or pellet, that reacts to excessive heat. Once the temperature surpasses the set threshold, the thermal protector triggers an immediate response, opening the circuit and preventing further temperature escalation.

With a wide range of temperature ratings available, our Normal Close Thermal Protector can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your application. From low to high temperature thresholds, you can select the ideal thermal protector to match your device’s requirements and provide precise protection against overheating.

Installation is a breeze as our Normal Close Thermal Protector seamlessly integrates into the electrical circuit of your equipment or device. Designed for reliability, it ensures accurate temperature monitoring and offers a rapid response time to swiftly protect your valuable assets.

Our Normal Close Thermal Protector is built to withstand thermal cycling, mechanical stress, and environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. With its reliable operation and high-quality construction, you can trust that our thermal protector will provide consistent and dependable protection throughout the lifespan of your equipment.

Safety is paramount, and our Normal Close Thermal Protector meets industry standards and regulations, providing you with the peace of mind that your devices are protected against overheating risks. We prioritize your safety and are committed to delivering top-notch products that undergo rigorous testing and certifications.

Don’t compromise on safety and reliability. Choose our Normal Close Thermal Protector for your electrical devices and equipment, and experience the ultimate protection against overheating hazards. Trust in our product to deliver exceptional performance, safeguard your investments, and ensure the smooth and secure operation of your electrical systems.

Special Features

* Small size and easy for mounting;

* Low current sensitivity, no large temperature difference due to over current;

* Precise temperature control.

Electrical Specifications

250V AC : 3A

125V AC : 6A

24V DC: 6A

Contact Resistance: <30mΩ

Dielectric Strength: 2KV

Technical Parameters


Operating Temperature 60~220℃, A specification for each 5℃
Operating Temperature Tolerance ±5℃
Reset Temperature Less than 1/3 of operating temperature
Reset Temperature Tolerance ±15℃





Curtain Motor

Washing Machine Motor




TUV:R 50383352 0001


Dimensional Drawings



Series Application





1. Why does the smaller size thermal protector have higher price?

Customers like to ask the question:” Why does the smaller size thermal protector have higher price?” It sounds that it does not make sense. In fact, there are some reasons:

1. For the small size thermal protector, all parts have to be more precise. It means that we need to use better manufacturing machineries. The equipment cost would be higher.

2. The yield rate of smaller size thermal protector is lower than common size. So, the final cost would be higher.

3. The material of small size thermal protector is different also. The material has to be more reliable. Accordingly, the price of raw material is higher.

4. For the small size thermal protector, we have to use different machineries and manufacturing process. Both the manufacturing cost and labor cost are much higher than common size.

Due to the above reasons, the final cost of smaller size thermal protector is higher than common size.

2. What’s the lowest action temperature of your bimetal thermostat?

The lowest action temperature of our bimetal thermostat is 0C. It is creep action type and the relevant model number is 17AME-H. The contact making type can be normally closed or normally open. The main function of this thermostat is to remain the temperature inside of a narrow range. For example, OFF at 5C, ON at 3C or 4C. It is widely used to temperature control device or PCB control system. The life endurance can be 100,000 cycles also. The terminal ends of this bimetal thermostat can be at the same direction or opposite direction. The insulation paper has Nomex or Nitto for your option.

The shortage of this bimetal thermostat is the current. The max working current can’t exceed 5A, normally less than 3A. Since the current is too small, we sometimes to use gilded contact to avoid contacts oxidization.

3. Why is the thermal switch with lower temperature but higher price?


There are three reasons for thermal switch with lower temperature but higher price:

1. Thermal switches with lower temperature have to use some special materials, like bimetal strip and contacts. These materials have higher cost and better quality level;

2. In the process of manufacturing, both production and testing equipment for lower temperature thermal switches are different. The equipment cost of low temperature is higher than common temperature ratings.

3. The production yield of low temperature thermal switches is lower than standard temperature rating also. It would make the final cost is much higher.

4. Why is your price higher than some other China manufacturers of bimetal thermostats offered, but the 

pictures look same?

We can guarantee that our price is competitive based on the same quality level. The quality of bimetal thermostat cannot be distinguished by the picture or

appearance. To ensure the good quality consistence, we import the key raw materials like bimetal, insulation paper and contacts from USA, Japan and France.

The appearances of all these materials look same, but the quality level and price are totally different. Therefore, we believe that good quality product should have reasonable price.




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