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Pump Thermal Protector

8AME series are both temperature and current sensitive. They can protect the applications like motor or transformer from over heating or loading.

Product Details:

8AM pump thermal protector




Special Features

*  Large electrical capacity, long life & high reliability;

*  Accurate tripping off time, prevent motor temperature from being too high;

*  Both temperature and current sensing.

Electrical Specifications

125V AC / 250V AC : 5~90A

12V DC / 24V DC : 5~120A

Trip off current range: 5~120A

Trip off time under R/T 25℃:4~10S (Or Customized)

Temperature Range and Tolerance


Operating Temperature 60~220℃, A specification for each 5℃)
Operating Temperature Tolerance ±5℃,±8℃


Design Principles

Temperature Protection:

When ambient temperature exceeds the specified value, the inside bimetal of 8AME series will trop off to cut the circuit. When the temperature lowers down, the bimetal will reset and the circuit is connected again.

Current Protection:

Auxiliary heater works together with bimetal, which can control the trip off time precisely. When the current exceeds the prescribed value, 8AME will cut the circuit immediately.


Electrical tools


Sinking pump

High pressure washer

Split phase motor

Capacitor start motor

Car motor

Oil pump

Washing machine

Dust collector



Large water pump



Dimensional Drawing




Product Details:

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