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PCB Thermal Protector

6700E is a snap action thermal protector with sealed plastic case. It has long working endurance and small radio interference, applicable to PCB, power supply, charger and ballast.

Product Details:

Product Details

Are you tired of constantly worrying about the safety of your electronic devices? Fear no more, because PCB thermal protectors are here to save the day! These amazing devices are designed to protect your printed circuit boards (PCBs) from overheating and potential damage. With their advanced technology and innovative design, they are truly a game-changer in the world of electronics.

The PCB thermal protector is specifically designed to monitor the temperature of your PCBs and prevent them from overheating. This is especially important in high-powered electronic devices where excessive heat can cause permanent damage or even lead to a fire. The protector works by monitoring the temperature of the PCB and automatically shutting down the device if it reaches a certain threshold. This not only protects your device but also ensures your safety and peace of mind.

One of the most impressive features of the PCB thermal protector is its versatility. It can be used in a wide range of electronic devices, including computers, laptops, printers, and many more. This makes it an essential component for any electronics manufacturer or repair shop. With its easy installation process and low cost, it’s no wonder that these protectors have become so popular in recent years.

Another great benefit of using a PCB thermal protector is the increased lifespan of your electronic devices. By preventing your PCBs from overheating, you can extend the life of your device and save yourself from costly repairs or replacements. This not only saves you money but also reduces electronic waste, making it an eco-friendly choice for any consumer.

Overall, the PCB thermal protector is an essential component for anyone looking to protect their electronic devices and ensure their safety. With its advanced technology and versatility, it’s no wonder that these protectors have become so popular in recent years. Whether you’re a manufacturer or a consumer, investing in a PCB thermal protector is a smart choice that will pay off in the long run. So why wait? Protect your devices today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your electronics are safe and secure.


6700E PCB thermal protector




Special Features


*  Insulation case, small size and easy for mounting;

*  Action quickly, no flash over;

*  Suitable for installing and welding PCB under high speed automatic equipment;

*  Can resist water, alcohol,salty water, and most organic impregnate;

*  The action temperature is fixed before releasing, applicable to control a single temperature rating.


Electric Specifications


2A / 30V DC

2A / 120V AC

1A / 250V AC


Temperature Range and Tolerance


Customers can specify 30℃~150℃
Temperature Tolerance ±3℃,±5℃





Power system

Computer and relevant equipment


Automatic equipment and testing instruments


Dimensional Drawing





PCB Thermal Protector