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High Current Thermal Protector

5AM thermal protector has oil-proof and paint proof functions and a large current carrying capacity.

Product Details:

5AM high current thermal protector




Special Features

*  Size between 17AME & 8AM;

*  It adopts Japanese viscous insulation paper with oil and paint resistance;

*  Precise trip temperature prevents the motor from generating high temperatures;

*  Large electrical capacity, endurance times in line with industry standards.

Electrical Specifications

127V AC / 250V AC : 80A

12V DC / 24V DC : 90A

37V DC: 20A

Temperature Range and Tolerance


Operating Temperature 50℃~200℃,A specification for each 5℃
Operating Temperature Tolerance ±5℃,±7℃



Large water pump

High pressure washing machine

Electric Tools


Working Principle

The current passes through the housing terminal, the bimetal, and then the bottom terminal is connected to the electrical appliance(such as motor,transformer, etc.) to form a loop. When the electrical appliance malfunctions and the ambient temperature is too high, the heat is transferred to the bimetal to achieve the corrected trip. The temperature causes the electrical contacts to be quickly disconnected from the circuit. When the temperature drops to the reset temperature, the bimetal resets and quickly closes the electrical contact connection circuit to continue the cycle.



Dimensional Drawing


High Current Thermal Protector