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Golden Contacts Creep Action Thermostat

WAA2 creep action thermostat is specially designed for low voltage appliances temperature control, applicable to car seat, medical cushion and heating pad.

Product Details:

WAA2 golden contacts creep action thermostat



Special Features

*  Golden plated contacts, More stable performance;

*  Good conductive bimetal ensures that it can withstand certain current;

*  Creep action. The contacts open and close slowly;

*  Good temperature consistence, small temperature differential;

*  Preset temperature,no need extra adjustment;

*  Lead wire is optional and the case is live, Insulation sleeving might be needed;

*  Same or opposite terminal directions optional;

*  Wire riveting is customized.

Electrical Specifications

5A / 127V AC

3A / 24V DC

5A / 12V DC

Temperature Range and Tolerance

Operating Temperature Range -10℃~180℃
Temperature Tolerance ±3℃,±5℃


Endurance: 100,000 life cycles


Electrical Heating Cushion

Electric Blanket

Pet Mat



Dimensional Drawings & Testing Curve






Product Details:

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