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Food Waste Decomposer Protector

2BM overload protector has a very fast tripping action to prevent the motor temperature from being too high and a manual reset protector for automatic circuit disconnection when the motor overloads for a long time, the rotor is blocked, the voltage is too low, the temperature is too high and the air is not ventilated, It is mainly used in air motor, motor pump, commercial and industrial machinery motor, food waste disposer , fuel oil motor, power tool, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Product Details:

Product Details

2BM food waste decomposer thermal protector


Special Features

*  Fully enclosed, compact size, long life span;

*  High reliability and fast trip off;
*  Manual reset with dual control of current and temperature;
*  Very fast trip time to prevent motor temperatures from being too high;
*  Specific specifications and wires can be flexibly customized according to customers' specific requirements.

Technical Specification

Rated Voltage

125/250V AC

Control Current Range


Short Circuit Current


Hi-pot Test

1500V AC/Min

Temperature Range


Trip off Time

4~9 seconds or Customized


*  Food Waste Disposer

*  Air Motor

*  Motor Pump

*  Commercial and Industrial Machinery Motors

*  Fuel Stove Motor

*  Power Tool

*  Vacuum Cleaner

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Food Waste Decomposer Protector