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Car Window Motor Protector

TS-G and TS-P is a precise protector with plastic housing. It is sensitive to both temperature and current and can protect motor or transformer from over heating or loading effectively.

Product Details:

TS-P and TS-G car window motor protector



Special Features

*  Small size, long life and high reliability;

*  Accurate trip off time to prevent motor from overheating;

*  Both temperature and current sensitive;

*  Terminals are variable;

*  Working temperature:-20℃~80℃

Electrical Specifications

125V AC / 250V AC : 2~20A

12V DC / 24V DC: 3~35A

Trip off current range: 2~35A

R/T 25℃ Current Testing Standards: 4~10S (Or Customized)

Temperature Range And Tolerance


Operating Temperature 60~180℃ (Each 5℃ Per Rating)
Operating Temperature Tolerance ±5℃, ±7℃


Design Principles

When ambient temperature or current exceeds the specified value, the inside bimetal of TS series will trip off to cut the circuit. When the temperature lowers down, the bimetal will reset and the circuit is connected again.


Car Widow Motor

Wiper Motor

Car Seat Motor

Skylight Motor

Soybean Milk Machine

Juice Machine

Food Processer

Noodle Machine

Dimensional Drawings


Car Window Motor Protector



Car Window Motor Protector