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Car Seat Motor Protector

2MPE protectors are for AC motors. they are both temperature and current sensitive. They can protect motor from over heating or loading and the tripping off time can be controlled accurately.

Product Details:

2MPE series small size both temperature and current protector





Special Features

*  Small size, long life and high reliability;

*  High level bimetal ensures that it can withstand the current of normal circuit;

*  The combination of bimetal and heater can action snappily;

*  Accurate trip off time can prevent motor from overheating;

*  Both temperature and current sensitive;

*  Each part ROHS environmental standards are strictly enforced;

*  Terminals are optional and customized;

*  Wires are optional and customized;

*  Sealed sleeving can make the protector varnishing proof.

Electrical Specifications

10A / 250V AC

18A / 125V AC

Technical Parameters


Operating Temperature Range 50℃~170℃
Workable Tripping Off Current Range 1~30A
Temperature Tolerance ±5℃,±7℃
R/T 25℃ Current Testing Standards 4~10 S (Or Customized)



Window Motor

Wiper Motor

Car Seat Motor

Skylight Motor

Soybean Milk Machine

Juice Machine

Food Processer

Noodle Machine



Dimensional Drawings





1. The tolerance of action temperature is ±7℃, the reset temperature according to actual setting requirements

2. The thermal protector can should be able to withstand AC1500V, 1min or AC1800V,1s between lead wire and insulation sleeving, no breakdown flash-over phenomenon, the leakage current should be below 1mA;

3. Under normal conditions, the insulation resistance between lead wire and insulation sleeving is more than 100MΩ(The meter used is DC500V insulation resistance gauge);

4. The contact resistance of thermal protector should be less than 50MΩ(or customized);

5. A Motor protector exposed to the air condition of 150℃ for 96 hours, no damage;

6. A Motor protector is exposed to relative humidity 95% RH at a temperature of 40℃ for 48hours, no damage;

7. A Protector is dropped freely from 70cm height to the plastic or wooden floor once without damage;

8. The product portfolio should be able to withstand the 3.0Kg pulling force without loose; terminal and riveting line portions have to withstand 3.0Kg pull force with loose.

9. Can add the PTC heating element of thermal protector, so it has the characteristics of single shot trip, with self holding and time -delay protect ion;


Car Seat Motor Protector