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6AM Small Size Big Capacity Thermostat

6AM thermostat has small size and oil & paint resistance.

Product Details:


Special Features


* Ultra thin design, Micro size;

* Quick action, constant temperature type;

* More than 100,000 times life cycle.


Electrical Specifications


127V AC / 250V AC : 8A

12V DC / 24V DC :10A


Temperature Range And Tolerance



Operating Temperature 50℃~180℃
Operating Temperature Tolerance ±3℃,±5℃



Graphene Heating Pad

Curtain Motor







Dimensional Drawing




1. How should I select the correct action temperature of thermostat?

The action temperature selection of a thermostat should be based on the application:

Measure the temperature of the position where the thermostat would be mounted;

Setting the temperature range of application;

Select the temperature of a thermostat. The current flowing through thermostat need to be considered when selecting this temperature. If this thermostat is used for heat protection, the action value should be above the normal working temperature, but lower than the temperature limit of other components to be damaged.


2. Why does not thermostat action when temperature reaches the rated value?

There several possible reasons which might cause the thermostat not action:

The temperature rise speed is too fast. For example, the temperature rises to the prescribed value in very short time. Then, the bimetal inside of thermostat has no enough time to reaction. The temperature of bimetal is still much lower than the rated value or outside temperature. So, the thermostat would not action. The first trip off temperature would much higher than the rated value. It is so called overshot. This problem can be solved by controlling the temperature rising speed, or making thermostat action 3 cycles. Then, the thermostat would action properly.

There might be misunderstanding for rated temperature. It means a tolerance range,  normally 10℃, instead of the specific value. For example: a thermostat is rated at 100℃, the common action temperature range is 95~105℃. It is not just 100℃ only. So,  the action temperature for some units can be 104 or 105℃. These units are qualified products.

The thermostat is malfunctioned. The temperature might be out of tolerance, or the two contacts of thermostat were burned and connected together forever. It would be a serious defection and might cause fire or other safety problems.


3. What’s the difference between creep action thermostat and snap action thermostat?

According to the action type of contacts, the bimetal thermostat can be divided into creep action and snap action thermostat. General speaking, creep action thermostat can only be used for heating pad or cushion. Our WAA2 series thermostat belongs to creep action type.The function of creep action thermostat is for temperature adjustment, not for heating or over temperature protection. Only USA and Canada accept this kind of temperature controlling device. In Europe,creep action thermostat is not allowed to use. On the contrary, most of bimetal thermostats are snap action. The main purpose is over heat protection. Our KW model is snap action.


4. What’s the lowest action temperature of your bimetal thermostat?

The lowest action temperature of our bimetal thermostat is 0C. It is creep action type and the relevant model number is 17AME-H. The contact making type can be normally closed or normally open. The main function of this thermostat is to remain the temperature inside of a narrow range. For example, OFF at 5C, ON at 3C or 4C. It is widely used to temperature control device or PCB control system. The life endurance can be 100,000 cycles also. The terminal ends of this bimetal thermostat can be at the same direction or opposite direction. The insulation paper has Nomex or Nitto for your option.

The shortage of this bimetal thermostat is the current. The max working current can’t exceed 5A, normally less than 3A. Since the current is too small, we sometimes to use gilded contact to avoid contacts oxidization.




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