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6AM Quick Action Thermostat

* Ultra thin design, Micro size;
* Quick action, constant temperature type;
* More than 100,000 times life cycle.

Product Details:


Special Features

* Ultra thin design, Micro size;

* Quick action, constant temperature type;

* More than 100,000 times life cycle.

Electrical Specifications

127V AC / 250V AC : 8A

12V DC / 24V DC :10A

Temperature Range And Tolerance

Operating Temperature 50℃~180℃
Operating Temperature Tolerance ±3℃,±5℃


Graphene Heating Pad

Curtain Motor




Dimensional Drawing



1. Why does the smaller size thermostat have higher price?

Customers like to ask the question:” Why does the smaller size thermostat have higher price?” It sounds that it does not make sense. In fact, there are some reasons:

A. For the small size thermostat, all parts have to be more precise. It means that we need to use better manufacturing machineries. The equipment cost would be higher.

B. The yield rate of smaller size thermostat is lower than common size. So, the final cost would be higher.

C. The material of small size thermostat is different also. The material has to be more reliable. Accordingly, the price of raw material is higher.

D. For the small size thermostat, we have to use different machineries and manufacturing process. Both the manufacturing cost and labor cost are much higher than common size.

Due to the above reasons, the final cost of smaller size thermostat is higher than common size.

2. What would happen if the working current exceeds the rated value of a thermal switch?

When the end users operate the appliances, the working current might exceed the rated value. If so, what would happen to the bimetallic thermal switch? There are some possible results:

A. The thermal switch would trip off earlier than the rated temperature. The reason is that the bigger current would generate more heat, and the bimetal would sense higher temperature than the rated value. So, it would trip off earlier.

B. The life endurance would be shorter. Bigger current would hurt both bimetal and contacts. There would be flashover between two contacts. If the current is too big, for example, 3 or 4 times of rated value, the two contacts would be stuck and could not open. That would make thermal switch malfunction, or even cause fire.

C. The thermal switch failed to action in few seconds and even burned the insulation sleeving

Therefore, it is very important for the user to operate the thermal switch correctly and try to avoid overloading the thermal switch.

3. Are you factory?

Yes we are factory of various of thermal protector & thermostat, everything is customized in our factory, if you have any special requirements please feel free to come back to us.




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