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2MPE 5APE Series Thermal Motor Protector

2MPE 5APE series are both temperature and current sensitive, They can protect motor from over heating or loading and the tripping off time can be controlled accurately.

Product Details:

2MPE 5APE series are both temperature and current sensitive, They can protect motor from over heating or loading and the tripping off time can be controlled accurately.



Special Features

* Small size, long life and high reliability;

* High level bimetal ensures that it can withstand the current of normal circuit;

* The combination of bimetal and heater can action snappily;

* Accurate trip off time can prevent motor from overheating;

* Both temperature and current sensitive;

* Each part ROHS environmental standards are strictly enforced;

* Terminals are optional and customized;

* Wires are optional and customized;

* Sealed sleeving can make the protector varnishing proof.

Electric Specifications

10A / 250V AC

18A / 125V AC

Technical Parameters


Operating Temperature Range 50℃~170℃
Workable Tripping Off Current Range 1~30A
Temperature Tolerance ±5℃,±7℃
R/T 25℃ Current Testing Standards 4~10 S (Or Customized)



Window Motor

Wiper Motor

Car Seat Motor

Skylight Motor

Soybean Milk Machine

Juice Machine

Food Processer

Noodle Machine



Dimensional Drawings





1. The tolerance of action temperature is ±7℃, the reset temperature according to actual setting requirements

2. The thermal protector can should be able to withstand AC1500V, 1min or AC1800V,1s between lead wire and insulation sleeving, no breakdown flash-over phenomenon, the leakage current should be below 1mA;

3. Under normal conditions, the insulation resistance between lead wire and insulation sleeving is more than 100MΩ(The meter used is DC500V insulation resistance gauge);

4. The contact resistance of thermal protector should be less than 50MΩ(or customized);

5. A Motor protector exposed to the air condition of 150℃ for 96 hours, no damage;

6. A Motor protector is exposed to relative humidity 95% RH at a temperature of 40℃ for 48hours, no damage;

7. A Protector is dropped freely from 70cm height to the plastic or wooden floor once without damage;

8. The product portfolio should be able to withstand the 3.0Kg pulling force without loose; terminal and riveting line portions have to withstand 3.0Kg pull force with loose.

9. Can add the PTC heating element of thermal protector, so it has the characteristics of single shot trip, with self holding and time -delay protect ion;


Q1: Are you factory?
A: Yes, we are factory. all customers are more than welcome to visit our factory.

Q2: How can I get free thermal protector sample?
A: We can provide 10 pcs of thermal protector samples for free to our noble customers, but the overseas shipping cost will be paid by customers.
If you want to have some free thermal protectors from us, you need to tell us your specific contact information.

Q3: What is the warranty period of your thermal protector?
A: The warranty period of thermal protector we promised is not a specific time, like how many days, months or years, but the action cycles of thermal protector. Normally the life cycles ranges from 10,000 cycles to 100,000 cycles according to different models and working capacity. It is one of the most important parameters of thermal protectors. Customers can find it in the specification of different models.
The life cycles we mentioned here are only for working under rated current and voltage. If the working condition changed, the final life endurance would be also different.

Q4: What is the payment terms of the thermal switch?
A: Our acceptable payment terms of thermal switch are:
1. 100% T T with order (It is suitable for total amount less than USD20,000)
2. L/C at sight ( We would request 30% T/T with order and the balance 70% to be L/C at sight. The issuing bank of LC should be agreeed by us and total amount of thermal switch order should be more than USD20,000)
3. For the small amount, for examples less than USD5000, we may request 100% T/T to our personal account to avoid customs clearance.
4. For the sample fee, if the customer can pay the delivery cost, we will provide 5 samples for free. If the customer can not pay the delivery cost, USD100 will be charged for both sample and delivery cost.

Q5: What is the leadtime of thermal protector?
A: Our common leadtime for bimetal thermal switch is 20 days upon receipt of advance. If we have inventory, the leadtime could be 7 days.
For new products ,the leadtime would be 25 to 30 days.
Sometimes rush orders are also acceptable, but the lead time should be agreed by both sides before order release.

Q6: What is the shipping term of bimetal thermal protector?
A: Since all our bimetal thermal switches have small size, the shipping term should be based on the order quantity. If the order is above 50,000 pcs per shipment, the most economical shipping term is by sea. If the order quantity of thermal switch is less than 10,000 pcs per shipment, shipping by express would be the only choice because the weight of 10,000 pcs would be less than 50Kg, MOQ of shipping by air. For the quantity between 10,000 and 50,000 pcs, express or shipping by air is optional, depending on the weight of different thermal switches.

Q7: What qaulity assurance system do you use in your factory to ensure the thermal switch quality?
A: 1. To ensure the quality consistence of our bimetal thermal switch, we got ISO9001:2008 version certification and fulfill the system strictly. In 2012, we started to implement TS16949 system to meet the demands of automotive cusotmers.
2. The life endurance we guaranteed is based on the working enviroment and rating. Different thermal switch has different level, like 10,000 cycles, 30,000 cycles or 100,000 cycles.
3. The defective rate of our thermal switch that we promise to our customer is 100 ppm.

Q8: Why is your price higher than some other China manufacturers of bimetal thermostats offered, but the pictures look same?
A: We can guarantee that our price is competitive based on the same quality level. The quality of bimetal thermostat cannot be distinguished by the picture or appearance. To ensure the good quality consistence, we import the key raw materials like bimetal, insulation paper and contacts from USA, Japan and France.
The appearances of all these materials look same, but the quality level and price are totally different. Therefore, we believe that good quality product should have reasonable price.

Q9: What parameters should I provide when I am trying to ask for thermal protector samples?
A: If you need to have temperature sensitive thermal protector samples, please prepare the following parameters:
1. Rated voltage, current
2. Action temperature of thermal protector
3. Leadwire length, type and temperature rating.
4. Application of thermal protector.
5. Mounting requirements if needed, including dimensional requirements.
If you want to have current sensitive thermal protector samples, you may prepare three more parameters besides the above:
1. Trip off current
2. Trip off time
3. Normally working temperature of thermal protector. It can not trip off under this temperature.




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