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2BM Thermal Protector For Garbage Processor

2BM overload protector has a very fast tripping action to prevent the motor temperature from being too high and a manual reset protector for automatic circuit disconnection when the motor overloads for a long time, the rotor is blocked, the voltage is too low, the temperature is too high and the air is not ventilated, It is mainly used in air motor, motor pump, commercial and industrial machinery motor, food waste disposer , fuel oil motor, power tool, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Product Details:


Special Features

* Fully enclosed, compact size, long life span;

* High reliability and fast trip off;
* Manual reset with dual control of current and temperature;
* Very fast trip time to prevent motor temperatures from being too high;
* Specific specifications and wires can be flexibly customized according to customers’ specific requirements.

Technical Specification

Rated Voltage 125/250V AC
Control Current Range 3A~50A
Short Circuit Current 1000A
Hi-pot Test 1500V AC/Min
Temperature Range 90℃~150℃±5℃
Trip off Time 4~9 seconds or as required


* Garbage Process

* Food Waste Disposer

* Air Motor

* Motor Pump

* Commercial and Industrial Machinery Motors

* Fuel Stove Motor

* Power Tool

* Vacuum Cleaner

Dimensional Drawing




2BM Thermal Protector For Garbage Processor


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Company Name: Yangzhou Wuyue Electric Co.,Ltd

Address:Building D, Software Information Industrial Park, No.2 Huaijiang Avenue, Baoying County, Jiangsu Province, China

Contact: Lorena Qiao

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1. Can I get a customized thermal protector from you?

A: Yes. We are providing customized service for our noble customers. If you need a customized thermal protector sample, please kindly tell us the following parameters:

1) Rated voltage and Current

2) Action temperature

3) Dimensional requirements

4)Overloading or Tripping current if needed

5) Application and relevant special demands

6) Potential order quantity.

If the customized thermal protector has the same dimension as our current models, and you only need special parameters, we would not charge any cost for 5 pcs samples. If the requested dimensions are different, we may need to build new toolings for this customization. It would cause extra cost and we can negotiate separately.

2. How can I get free thermal protector samples?

A: We can provide 10 pcs of thermal protector samples for free to our noble customers, but the overseas shipping cost will be paid by customers.

If you want to have some free thermal protector samples from us, you need to tell us your specific contact information. Besides that, the following chart about the samples parameters

Would Be Necessary

Thermal Motor Protector Selection Parameter Table
The motor (Power or motor) Voltage
Working Current Stall current
For protection of the overload current Trip off time
The normal operation temperature of windings: Insulation class
The protector the reset way: Automatic reste: Manual Reset:
The protector action temperature: Off temperature: Reset Temperature:
The protection device mounting method Recessed: Surface mounting:
Motor cooling way:

Self-cooling way:

Fan cooling way:


1. What is the payment term of thermal switch?

Our acceptable payment terms of thermal switch are:

1. 100% T T with order (It is suitable for total amount less than USD20,000)

2. L/C at sight ( We would request 30% T/T with order and the balance 70% to be L/C at sight. The issuing bank of LC should be agreeed by us and total amount of thermal switch order should be more than USD20,000)

3. For the small amount, for examples less than USD5000, we may request 100% T/T to our personal account to avoid customs clearance.

4. For the sample fee, if the customer can pay the delivery cost, we will provide 5 samples for free. If the customer can not pay the delivery cost, USD100 will be charged for both sample and delivery cost.