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2BM Overload Protector For Food Waste Disposer

2BM overload protector for Food Waste Disposer has a very fast tripping action to prevent the motor temperature from being too high and a manual reset protector for automatic circuit disconnection when the motor overloads for a long time, the rotor is blocked, the voltage is too low, the temperature is too high and the air is not ventilated, It is mainly used in air motor, motor pump, commercial and industrial machinery motor, food waste disposer , fuel oil motor, power tool, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Product Details:



Special Features

* Fully enclosed, compact size, long life span;

* High reliability and fast trip off;
* Manual reset with dual control of current and temperature;
* Very fast trip time to prevent motor temperatures from being too high;
* Specific specifications and wires can be flexibly customized according to customers’ specific requirements.

Technical Specification


Rated Voltage 125/250V AC
Control Current Range 3A~50A
Short Circuit Current 1000A
Hi-pot Test 1500V AC/Min
Temperature Range 90℃~150℃±5℃
Trip off Time 4~9 seconds or as required



* Garbage Process

* Food Waste Disposer

* Air Motor

* Motor Pump

* Commercial and Industrial Machinery Motors

* Fuel Stove Motor

* Power Tool

* Vacuum Cleaner

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2BM Overload Protector For Food Waste Disposer


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1. Why does the smaller size thermal protector have higher price?

Customers like to ask the question:” Why does the smaller size thermal protector have higher price?” It sounds that it does not make sense. In fact, there are some reasons:

1. For the small size thermal protector, all parts have to be more precise. It means that we need to use better manufacturing machineries. The equipment cost would be higher.

2. The yield rate of smaller size thermal protector is lower than common size. So, the final cost would be higher.

3. The material of small size thermal protector is different also. The material has to be more reliable. Accordingly, the price of raw material is higher.

4. For the small size thermal protector, we have to use different machineries and manufacturing process. Both the manufacturing cost and labor cost are much higher than common size.

Due to the above reasons, the final cost of smaller size thermal protector is higher than common size.

2. Why is the thermal switch with lower temperature but higher price?

There are three reasons for thermal switch with lower temperature but higher price:

1). Thermal switches with lower temperature have to use some special materials, like bimetal strip and contacts. These materials have higher cost and better quality level;

2). In the process of manufacturing, both production and testing equipment for lower temperature thermal switches are different. The equipment cost of low temperature is higher than common temperature ratings.

3). The production yield of low temperature thermal switches is lower than standard temperature rating also. It would make the final cost is much higher.

3. How to select the correct temperature of a thermal switch?

A: Since the current flowing through the bimetal of thermal switch would generate heat, the action temperature selection should consider the working current.

In our factory, we normally use a testing curve to identify the suitable temperature. The following curve is only an example for 17AME series thermal switch.

Because every thermal switch could use bimetals with different resistance, the curve would be different also.

4. I am an end user. Can I replace the thermal switch mounted on my appliances by myself?

A: Thermal switch is an industrial component. It needs professional engineers to fix or replace it. Abnormal operation might cause hazards to the applications or even operators. So, we do not suggest end users of replacing the thermal switch. We recommend the consumer to contact the local after service staff of your appliances. Then, the appliances companies can track the part number and parameters of our thermals switch and feedback us. We will send new parts to the manufacturer of appliances for the replacement accordingly.

If you are en engineer, and make sure that you could replace the failed thermal switch by yourself, please take a clear picture of thermal switch, and write down the model number and all markings on the case. Then, we can analyze the parameters and provide our suggestion.